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I am Just an ordinary girl, nothing special about me.
My name is Dwi Rahayu Pangastuti, Ayu .. just a mainstream name haha
I am a 95 liner born in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara on 20th of October
I was graduated from MAN 2 Mataram and now i am taking english education as my major in University o Mataram. that's the reason why i use english :)

another thing that maybe not so so important for you about me :
i am the second child . i am a girl . i wear hijab because i am a moslem . 
i love watching. movie, anime, cartoon, k-drama, j-drama, kpop mv, serial tv and variety show.
in the end i just love watching haha
another hobby, the thing that i love is eating okay no that is not a hobby but a must haha
i love reading too, but because watching is free or cheaper than buying a book so i prefer just to keep watching.
that is such a useless hobby yea i know ... 
there is nothing i can do beside that , i mean i do not have any special talent.
i am not a superwoman i am just ordinary and talentless

so because of that until now i don't know what will i be, i mean what should i become in the future. what major should i take what kind of job. it is really frustrating, i just don't understand why god create me, you know it say and it believes in islam that God, Allah never create something useless. everything that god create must have a reason. And it still become a mystery why i am here in this world haha, it become so serious thing yeah..

and because of that believe no i am here, still proud and still staying alive. i know god has a reason, ......

there is one more thing, I am an Introvert ...

what else ..
ah yeah here is my social network account i you want to know more about me :
FB : Dwi Rahayu Pangastuti
Twitter : Mrs.Malik @IuRandom
Insta : Dwi Rahayu Pangastuti @IamDwiRahayu
Pinterest : -
Google+ : -
Tumblr : -

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