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First Post in 2015

Well it is make me looks like a "labile" teenager, start posting all day and stop when i want. Okay nobody will care too, so whatever. Actually i really want to become a real Blogger, but i'm not that kind of person that love to do the same thing all over again and again,   simply i get bored easily. So yaah What can i do?.  Maybe this will be the start for me on being a true Blogger, yeah i wish i could make it.

Well for starting a New entri this year, would like to introduce myself for the second time. I am a girl and i am in my last teen, i mean 19th yo. I don't have any talent or special skill or even special power (that would be more impossible of course). So who am i? Well even me i cannot answer it. Okay that sound pathetic haha but that is the truth. I think there are some people who are a lot like me.
Don't have special talent or skill, Don't have something that make us different with any other people. Confuse what subject which school and what major to take. That so so annoying. My sister, My own sister have a talent to become an artist, she can draw and also creative. But, me here I am still struggling to find mine. I Don't even know that i have a talent. The worst thing is, i am an introvert girl. Well,you guys know for sure what introvert is. I Don't like going out so much, but when i do i love it haha.  Okay i am not like an introvert that you think now when you read this, i just a little bit lazy to do everything so i kinda look like an introvert. Well i know that i am not a socialize person, for real i Don't really like to be in a crowd, i prefer to be alone. Do you feel that we are just the same?  If yes maybe you should leave a comment so that i know that i am not alone.

To be honest, i really really want to be like the other people, who can communicate easily with New people, can talk even with an older one and always know what to say. Yeah i am not like that. No. I Don't think i can do that. I've tried. Really. But you know just kinda awkward. And i hate that.

So, i am 19th and a university student i am taking english edu. Why? I am not that experts on this subject but, as i say i dunno what i am capable at. So yahh i choose english because that where i accepted haha.

As a university student, we should become more mature, intelligent and social. Following some organization or extraculiculer #ekskul# (sorry) . But i did not Following any, mmm i don't Following any. I am not. Well Actually i want is just Hard. So Hard.
I want but i am not taking any, it just sound riddiculous. Actually i am a movie addict, even If i don't really know much about movie. But, that is my hobby that have become my daily activity,  movie, drama, dorama, tv series, anime, cartoon, variety show etc. That is what i am doing in my life. I don't like it really, to be obsessed with it. Well i am a korean lover too, kpop, boyband and such a thing. I am really in to it. I think it just like a drug to me. Yes, i am addicted.

That is of course a bad thing, really bad. When my friend i mean everyone with the same age as me has already got a job, or already going abroad, or become such a great person at their age. While me, here sitting laying and lazying around in my bed While imagining my bias, watching my favorite movie and not caring about the world.

So, i am just a useless creature. The only thing i do is imagining my life and wishing with No action No No.

Such a bad thing, No worst.  I know it but i can not do aniything about it.

So now i am trying to share to the world, my life my riddiculous life. I want to change. i want to fullfil my dream. I have written my dream and i want it become true.
Starting today this time i promise to you guys who read this, (If there is someone read this ##) i will change my life i will become such a succesful person. I will make everyone in my family happy and proud of me.

Okey. That is Hard. But i will try with you all.

To be continued..... ...

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