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Lim Ding Wen is currently 10 years old and is very interested in programming. He started programming at 7 and is probably the world youngest Apple IIGS and iPhone programmer!

Ding Wen is now an iPhone, Android and Java ME developer, with his software Doodle Kids and Invader War available in Apple App Store and Android Market.

Ding Wen can program in Java, JavaScript and ActionScript. He also understand Applesoft BASIC, GSoft BASIC,
Complete Pascal, Orca/Pascal and is now learning Objective C and C#.

Ding Wen is a Malaysian living in Singapore. He is currently hosting The Apple IIGS Show with his sister in YouTube, teaching kids software and programming for the Apple IIGS.
Programming is Fun!

 Owwhh ... i don't know what to say...just one word he's so great...amazing!!
i love him ...huhuhu

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